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Arizona Motorsports Park-Goodyear

10.16.21 Arizona Motorsports Park - Phoenix Arizona - Track Day

Saturday - October 16, 2021

Welcome to Hooked On Driving!  After 16 years of quality events around the country, HOD is excited to land at Arizona Motorsports Park - Goodyear, with a focus on you, the driver, having fun and improving your driving skills, no matter what your level of experience.  Enjoy plenty of time on track, without crowds, a catered lunch and get to know new friends at HOD. 
  • - A-Novice is for drivers with little or no track experience and drivers who are wanting instruction and guidance.
  • - B-Intermediate is for intermediate drivers who have solo driving experience on track.
  • - C-Advanced is for those who have advanced track driving skills and will operate in a more open environment on track.
For information, contact by email or Phone 1-888-572-7223

The following track ready rental cars are available for $1000 per day for Novice only.
  • - Porsche 997 (automatic transmission)
  • - Porsche 996 (manual transmission)

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Welcome to HOD!

10.16.21 Arizona Motorsports Park - Phoenix Arizona - Track Day - 10-16-2021
A - Novice - $395.00 - AVAILABLE
B - Intermediate - $295.00 - AVAILABLE
C - Advanced - $295.00 - AVAILABLE
coaches - AVAILABLE

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